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Annual atmospheric and hydrological issues such as forest fire, air pollution, severe tropical storm and flood have posed crucial challenges to livelihoods of ASEAN community. To cope and adapt to those issues, there are a number of available scientific data reported to warn the public. However, applications of advanced mathematic modeling for better understanding those issues are still limited. Since, the near real-time observed data have been widely available, the applications of advanced modeling with an INTEGRATION OF DATA SCIENCE PLATFORMS are essential.

Goal and Targets

  • To TURN RESEARCH INTO SERVICES through various applications of advanced mathematic modeling of weather and chemistry transport modeling in Southeast Asia
  • To provide KNOW-HOW and its products to all stakeholders for effectively enhancing better understanding atmospheric and hydrological issues
  • To develop and improve an integrated modeling system and data science platforms for atmospheric and hydrological applications

Our Services

Meteorological Modeling

historical and forecast meteorological fields generated from WRF modeling for environmental impact assessment at any geographical area and any time scales

Air Quality Modeling

using advanced chemistry transport modeling system of WRF-Chem and WRF-CAMx for simulating gas and particulate matter pollutants in the ambient air

Emission Inventory

near real-time and historical atmospheric emission inventories and greenhouse gases for forest fire, biomass open burning, on-road mobiles, industry and other related sources


using various sattelite data for estimating history and forecasted Air Quality Index of PM2.5


for handling high dimensional atmospheric and hydrological data including machine learning through R, python, NCL and others


knowledge transfer through training and workshop in various cources related to environmetal management and technology

Experimental Air Pollution Meteorology Forecast


Hourly precipitation for 7-day forecast over Thailand and Lower Mekong Sub-region


Hourly temperature with isobar presenting the spatial domination of cool air mass during the winter season

PBL Height

Hourly PBL Height for monitoring of mixing height of released air pollutants determining a possibility of air pollution episode

Interactive Dataset

ABFERD Emission Inventory

Near real-time biomass open burning emission rapid dataset presenting daily PM2.5 emission over Thailand

Daily Rainfall Forecast

48-hour rainfall forecast over Thailand with provincial ranking of estimated rainfall (mm)

COVID-19 Dashboard

Daily updates on COVID-19 situation in Thailand and global outlook (Since there were many available dashboard, we have stopped its updating)

Our Team

Sompoke Kingkaew

Env. Eng. & Mgt. (Founder)

Chayutpong Manakul

Water Eng. & Mgt.

Kantachai Paijityotee

Env. Health

Thanawat Udombua

Env. Sc.

Thundorn Okwala

Water Eng. & Mgt.

Wissuta Woothisen

Env. Health

Nitcharat Siengpairao

Env. Health

Bas Rangsan


Latest News

2019-10-07 / 15:00

Joining AIT Entrepreneurship Center

Metpassion joined AIT Entrepreneurship Center and become the first batch member of the center.

2019-09-28 / 11:00

Won the Best Poster Competition in the 100x Event

Metpassion member joined the 100x Event (Southeast Asia' first Research-to-Commercial event) at C-ASEAN, Bangkok and won the best AIT research poster competition of the event.

2019-09-06 / 14:00

Oral Presentation in Air Quality Conference

Joined and presented "Prediction of next-day PM2.5 distribution in Bangkok Metropolitan Region, Thailand" at Thammasat Univeristy, Rangsit Center.

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