A human right to breathe CLEAN AIR

In the year of 2021

Aligning with air quality focus, we will integrate and feature our interests regarding the global concerns of the SDGs on the marine environment and climate actions in Southeast Asia.


What We Will Do

PM2.5 Projects

The National Research Concil of Thailand funds two proposed projects under the framework of air qaulity management 1) "Development of PM2.5 assimilative capacity forecasting system for effectively reducing PM2.5 emission from open burning activities at local administrative levels in Pathumthani, Thailand" [PI] Website:, 2) "Contribution of Inside and Outside-city Air Pollution Sources to the PM2.5 Concentration of the Mitigation Measures of the Transport Sector in Bangkok" [Co-PI]. Also, there are more than three other projects supported by private sectors and under the proposal preparation.

Promoting ASEAN Agreement

An ASEAN agreement on controlling the emission of biomass open burning has been established however the enforcement has not been mechanically drove and powered. Thus, to better cope with the annual haze, it requires an urgent concern of the community in mitigating the issue of PM2.5 pollution within the region. The government sectors should be more proactive in order to reduce the multi-dimensional lost from the crisis for the next year.

Application Development

We are working on application development with different partners both government and private sectors. If you have ideas or would like to consult with us on what you are interested in, please contact us to become your future partner. Check out our showcase projects and mocup platforms in MetPassion for more information.

Collaborative Research

Since we would like to expand our research and projects under our 2021 theme beyound our country, please check the SEA-Europe Joint Funding Scheme for further research and innovation cooperation project proposal development.


See Our Featured Projects

Our projects have been disseminated in the media from 2019 to present.

Emission Inventory for Policy

Development of Emission Inventory for Transport Sector in Thailand under Scenarios of Alternative National PM2.5 Management Policy Details

Application of Air Quality Data Management

Know your air and breathe smarter with app by AIT student Details

PM2.5 Forecasting

3-Day PM2.5 forecasting using WRF-Chem modeling system for Thailand Details

Big Data & AI Tech Talk

Industry Transformation with Big Data and AI: Applied AI: AI of Near Real-Time Atmospheric EnvironmentDetails

Our Perspective

  • Environmental issues have become apart of our life, and the community need more reliable scientific information to drive the enforceable policy that no one will be left behide. is just a mocup platform which has been worked under the passion of what we lack of, what we would like to see or standardize and professionally make it happen in the future for a better community.

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