Experimental Air Qaulity Rapid Forecast WRF-Chem Modeling System

PM2.5 air Quality Forecast for Thailand and Lower Mekong Subregion (LMS) at the grid resolution of 30km x 30km with hourly outputs in UTC (+7hr). Please REFRESH PAGE to get updates and click the image to enlarge or see the animation. The forecast was assumed that the situation of biomass open burning activity would not change. This SHOULD NOT BE TREATED AS OFFICIAL forecast. PLEASE USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Please include the following acknowledgement: "We acknowledge use of PM2.5 forecast provided by the Experimental Air Qaulity Rapid Forecast (ExAQRF) of airsompoke.com" in any referecing purposes. Fore more information please contact: airsompoke@gmail.com. Support me for COFFEE.